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Powder Coating / Finishes

Our world is changing and Wishbone believes our customers demand the best it has to offer. In that effort, we are now providing our customers with the platinum standard in powder called ICONICA.

Designed by trend experts, ICONICA was brought to life to inspire the design and architecture of tomorrow.

ICONICA is a selection from the range of Alesta® SuperDurable powder coatings and represents the new architectural understanding for nature and humanity – environmentally sustainable, super durability against weather conditions and intense UV radiation, while being both expressive and elegantly reserved.
  • 32 Standard and available custom colour options

  • Super durable polyester resin technology
  • Meets the requirements of Qualicoat Class II, GSB Master and BS EN 1206
  • Meets AAMA 2604 specification
  • Cleaning Prior To Applying Powder

  • Curing Prior To Applying Powder

  • Staging Prior To Applying The Powder

  • Applying The Powder

  • Applying The Powder

  • Ensuring The Oven Is At The Correct Temperature

  • Baking The Powder

  • Checking The Thickness Of The Finished Coat

Our Process Starts Where Others Finish

Stage One

Consists of a heated alkaline based degreaser / cleaner to remove mixed metals, oils and contaminates prior to powder coating.

Stage Two

An aerated cold water raise to remove the degreaser / cleaner solution.

Stage Three

An aerated acid based solution to etch and further clean the substrate of any contaminates and welding smoke.

Stage Four

An aerated fresh water rinse to remove the degreaser and cleaning solution.

Stage Five

A seal coat that has been added to our process, E-CLPS. E-CLPS is a chrome-free, non-phosphate liquid coating used to protect aluminum and zinc alloys with a clear, nearly colorless chemical Dried In Place (DIP) coating. When applied the coating has excellent paint bonding properties and affords under-film protection.

Super Durable TGIC Powders Meet or Exceed AAMA Specifications

Super Durable polyester powders have become the mainstay in the architectural / railing industry. Where standard polyester powders will provide only 2 years of gloss retention, Super Durable TGIC powder will retain greater than 50% of its original gloss for a minimum of 5 years in exposures comparable to South Florida. Our Super Durable Powders meet or exceed the 7.9 weathering parameters of the American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA) 2604-2605 specifications, and Wishbone meets AAMA 2605 commercial specifications using Spraylat "Newlar"' powders.

Environmentally Friendly Powder Coating

Wishbone Site Furnishings supports earth-friendly "green" building practices. Our powder coating is environmentally friendly and contains no VOCs. Chemicals used in our processes can be neutralized and desposed of safely, and powder coating reduces the impact on human health compared to other coatings.