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Waste Reduction

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, global plastic consumption has gone from 5.5 million tons in the late 1950s to 110 million tons in 2009.
About 67% of Canada’s garbage winds up in a landfill. The over 10,000 landfill sites in Canada are approaching capacity. Plastic has been predicted to take up to 1000 years to breakdown naturally on its own in a landfill.

For every 1 ton of plastic that is recycled, 7 yards of landfill space is saved. Wishbone Site Furnishings and the recycled lumber we use, reduces both national waste and helps conserve an additional 80% of energy typically used when making new plastic items.


Wishbone also manufacturers its own castings from recycled aluminum car and truck rims. The aluminum, which is an alloy, that is used to make car and truck rims is the perfect source for making outdoor site furnishings. It is a structurally sound, reliable and plentiful source that also reduces waste.

Toxicity Reduction

Plastic lumber is generally perceived as an environmentally friendly substitute to hardwoods from endangered forests, and a “non-toxic” alternative to widely used pressure-treated wood, which contains copper and other chemicals.

Socio-economic Sustainability

Wishbone Site Furnishings is very conscious of the socio-economic sustainability of all of our products. Environmental stewardship, pollution prevention and social responsibility combined with employees who receive above average wages to create a great looking, low maintenance, functional product is what this company is built on.

We accomplish this by making intelligent, ethical choices to maintain a business which creates family and community building sustainable products, manufactured with environmental responsibility. In summary, our product looks great, lasts forever, and brings families and community together; all while using recycled materials, which reduces global waste.

Package Reduction

Our packaging is both minimal and recyclable. Our packaging consists of 3 components: small amounts of recycled cardboard to prevent scratches in transport; wood pallets which are reused and shrink wrap for binding together the items being shipped.  As recycling programs have become more popular and cost-effective, they’ve expanded their scope to accept shrink wrap. Shrink wrap falls into recycling category 4: LDPE or Low Density Polyethylene. Shrink wrap can be recycled into a wide range of plastic products. Our recycled plastic lumber contains up to 20%. This is actually part of the ‘glue’ which binds the other recycled materials together in the lumber.

Greenhouse Gas & Carbon Reduction

There are no greenhouse gases released in the production or use of our products. No PVCs or BPAs which can harm the environment are used in our product. We try to use all recycled materials, promoting a neutral carbon footprint.