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Standard Wall Mount Bench

Standard Wall Mount Bench

  • Model Number:
    SWB-14A Seat Support | 2 x 4 Re-plast Planks

Designer Notes

This tried-and-true design has been requested time and time again for applications where customers are looking for a low maintenance and sterile option instead of wood and steel.  Primarily used in washroom and change room environments, this simple design works great, whether the seating requirement is large or small. Determining what is required for every application is simple.  The number of supports (SWB-14A) is determined by the total length of the seating surface minus 4” overhang on each end and then dividing up the difference to maximum span distances of 20”. For example,  a 72” bench would have 4 supports 16“ apart from each other.  A 60” bench would have 3 supports 17” apart from each other.  A 48” bench would have 3 supports 20” apart from each other. The recycled plastic lumber comes in 3 lengths:  6ft, 10ft and 12ft.  The seating surface utilizes 4-

2 x 4  boards giving a comfortable 14” seating depth. Note that there is an optional bullnose board for the leading edge making the seating even more comfortable.

*Due to variations in the types of screen resolutions available, colors represented here may vary slightly from the actual colors. Please contact Wishbone if you would like to have actual samples.

Material Specifications

  • Marine Grade Aluminum Frame
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 100% Recycled Plastic Slats
  • Western Red Cedar
  • IPE Hardwood
  • Modified Pine

Customized Solutions

  • Custom Powder Coating (Setup Charges May Apply)

  • Factory Assembled with Lumber Already Installed

  • 2 x 6 Recycled Plastic Planks. (Must specify)

  • Stainless Mounting Hardware for Wall Mount and Lumber is Available but Sold Separately

  • Stainless Mounting Hardware for Wall Mount and Lumber is Available but Sold Separately

Product Dimensions

Recycled Plastic Lumber

Seat Support SWB-14A

Total Height : 15 inches / 39 cm
Total Depth :
13.5 inches  35 cm
Seat Height :
16.5 inches / 42 cm
Seat Depth :
13.5 inches / 343 mm
Weight : 2 lbs / 1 kg

Plastic Lumber

Thickness : 1 7/16 inches / 4 cm
Depth : 3 3/8 inches / 8.6 cm
Weight : 2 lbs/ft 3.2 kg/meter

Recycled Content

Recycled Plastic Lumber

  • Recycled Content By Weight (5 ft bench): 86%
  • 100% Recyclable


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