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Low Profile Customizable Wall Seating System

Low Profile Customizable Wall Seating System

Wall seating on a concrete foundation have become very popular. The concrete can be formed and shaped to meet a wide variety of applications providing a solid, functional, and aesthetic compliment to the surrounding area. Although nice to look at, it is often uncomfortable to sit on as its very hard and cold. Wall seating provides that level of comfort and breaks up the visual impact of a lot of concrete by adding splashes of colour.

Wall seating can be very expensive since in most cases, it is customizable. Our Low- Profile Wall Seating System minimizes the costs of both materials and the labour to install, while maintaining the advantages concrete has to offer.

Our team is very familiar with putting together the right products for your project and can offer both the do-it-yourself on site fabrication and ready-to-install prefabricated options. All we need are drawings of the specific seating surfaces, a few minutes on the phone to answer a few qualifying questions and we can have a quote ready for you within 24 hours.  866.626.0476 | [email protected]

Low Profile Customizable Wall Seating System



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