Park Series Picnic Table

Model Number: 42P-6 – 6ft Picnic table
47P-8-ADA – 8ft Picnic table wheelchair accessible

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Park Series Picnic Table

Designer Notes

Our most inexpensive picnic table is designed for those looking for an all plastic and extremely low maintenance unit. While not ideal in all applications, this budget-friendly piece works well in monitored or semi-monitored areas such as elementary schools or community centres. Strategically hidden metal reinforces the all-plastic table keeping the desired look. This economical but durable picnic table is shipped unassembled which means a cost savings on freight!

Available Recycled Plastic Lumber Colours

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  • Product Specifications:

    100% Recycled Plastic Slats

    • This product will not rot, splinter, or warp reducing maintenance costs over the life of the product.
    • Colours Available: Umber, Ocean Green, Sahara, Cherry Red, Moss Green, Carbon, Ash Grey, Yellow, Sienna, Blue
  • Customized Solutions:
  • Product Dimensions:

    Height: 30 inches/756mm
    Width: 60.5 inches/1537mm
    Weight: 306 lbs/139kg

  • Recycled Content:
    • Recycled Content By Weight: 100%
    • 100% Recyclable
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