SURF Bike Rack

Model Number

SFBRP-3 (Up to 3 Space) SFBRP-5 (Up to 5 Space) SFBRP-7 (Up to 7 Space)

SURF Bike Rack

The SURF bike rack improves on a traditional bike rack design by incorporating materials and finishes that add to its durability and longevity. Traditional steel bike racks tend to be heavy and not very corrosion resistant over time with-out galvanization and with galvanization it’s very difficult to get the powder coating to stick and stay on for a long time. Our new thick walled aluminum pipe design deals with this by providing similar strength qualities to steel, ensuring safe storage of the bikes, while the light weight corrosion resistant aluminum and super durable powder coat ensure it looks great over years of service.


Product Specifications

Schedule 40 Aluminum Pipe

Super Durable Powder Coated Aluminium Pipe

  • Standard Colours: Brown Slate, Victor Ridge II, Nordic Lichen, Timeless Rust, Grey Gold, Textured Silver, Precious Sand, Groovy Red, Black Textured, Earth Clay, Noble Bronze, Modern Khaki

Surface Mount

Customized Solutions

  • Custom Powder Coating
    (Setup Charges May Apply)
  • In-ground Mounting
  • INST-1 Stainless Steel Bolt-Down Kit (Installation Example)

Product Dimensions

SFBRP-3 (Up to 3 space)

Height: 38.5 inches / 978 mm
Length: 14 inches / 356 mm
Depth:  3.5 inches / 89 mm
Weight: 15 lbs/ 6.8 kg

SFBRP-5 (Up to 5 space)

Height: 38.5 inches / 978 mm
Length: 38 inches / 965 mm
Depth:  3.5 inches / 89 mm
Weight: 25 lbs/ 55 kg

SFBRP-7 (Up to 7 space)

Height: 38.5 inches / 978 mm
Length: 67 inches / 1701 mm
Depth:  3.5 inches / 89 mm
Weight: 35 lbs/ 77 kg

Recycled Content

  • 100% Recyclable

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