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Pipeline 2 Space Bike Rack

Pipeline 2 Space Bike Rack

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Designer Notes

The Pipeline bike rack is a simple yet familiar design that matches the design cues of the rest of the Pipeline Family of products. It especially works well where designers are trying to provide a consistent look and feel with other street furniture used in the same proximity.
There are three features making our Pipeline Bike Rack design unique.
The first are the materials we use in its construction. Traditional steel bike racks tend to be heavy and not very corrosion resistant over time with-out galvanization. Our new thick walled aluminum pipe design provides similar strength qualities to steel ensuring safe storage of the bikes while the light weight corrosion resistant aluminum ensures it looks great over years of service. Second is that cross bar where the bike logo is located. It can be customized to meet a specific branding or labeling request from the client making it appear unique or different from others. And lastly, the design allows the user multiple locking opportunities to minimize risk of theft.

Super Durable Standard Powder Coat Colours *

*Due to variations in the types of screen resolutions available, colors represented here may vary slightly from the actual colors. Please contact Wishbone if you would like to have actual samples.