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Parker 2 Space Bike Rack

Parker 2 Space Bike Rack

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Designer Notes

Parker 2 Space Bicycle Rack - where functionality meets aesthetic elegance. Designed to effortlessly hold two bicycles, this rack seamlessly blends into its surroundings with its graceful, curved lines that mirror the renowned Parker furniture series. Beyond its role as a secure bike storage solution, the Parker 2 enhances its environment even when not in use, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Crafted from marine-grade aluminum, this bicycle rack is not only sturdy and dependable but also demands minimal maintenance. Its robust construction ensures durability in various weather conditions, while its scratch-resistant surface can be effortlessly touched up, maintaining its pristine appearance over time. Whether in a cozy apartment complex, a vibrant urban square, or a tranquil park setting, the Parker 2 Space Bicycle Rack harmoniously fuses style and practicality, catering to cyclists while adding an understated charm to its surroundings.

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