Recycled plastic in an outdoor environment is an amazing material. It’s robust, long lasting, and stands up against heavy use and abuse by both users and the environment. It does not rot, warp, split, absorb or retain moisture, or promote surface mildew.
As recycled plastic planks spend year after year in the outdoors, they begin to show signs of “weathering” unique to the material. This ageing effect is distinct from how traditional lumber or composite materials might age and weather in response to exposure to UV (sunlight), moisture, and freeze/thaw cycles.

We call this effect “UltraViolet Degradation” or “UVD”.

Over the years a very thin fraction (less than 1/1000 of an inch) of the material interacts with outdoor sunlight and begins to show fading or “greying” (a reduction in the appearance of the original colour).

Our preventative maintenance schedule recommends seasonal cleaning and a power-wash at least once per year. . However, these activities do not remove the UltraViolet Degradation.


Here’s a new way to maintain your site furniture with recycled plastic planks that we only recently discovered.
This can be done every few years or as required to restore or “renew” the plastic ‘s surface to its “as-new” appearance and colour.

Any Wishbone piece of outdoor furniture with recycled plastic can be “renewed” on-site without even removing the boards or planks. There is not risk of damaging the durable powder-coated frame.

The equipment required is light and portable, making it the perfect preventative maintenance tool to bring into the field to keep your site furniture looking and performing at its best.

Renewal Example Gallery

11 Year Contoured Merritt

7 Year Parker Bench

7 Year Parker Receptacle

7 Year Parker Table

8 Year Bayview Enderby

8 Year Beselt Peachland

8 Year Rutherford Moosejaw

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