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Recycled Plastic Sheeting

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Polyboard is a 100% Environmental Product made from industrial and commercial waste such as plastic, sawdust, paper, etc. and can be constantly reused and recycled - no waste, no pollution! In today's environmentally-sensitive market, Polyboard can greatly enhance your competitive edge and profitability and help create a greener, healthier community to benefit us all.

The use of Polyboard not only eliminates the highly polluting plastic waste, but saves countless trees to maintain the ecological balance of Nature. In evey hour, 20,000 acres of forests are lost forever. The world's 3 major rainforests are rapidly diminishing - Indonesia loses 7,500 while Brazil clear-cuts 15,000 each year. The deforested area in Amazon is already 60% larger than the whole Malaysia. Japan will become naked in 2 years' time if its own forests are used for producing plywood. In fact, half of the world's forests have disappeared. The world's scientists' catastrophic verdict: "The loss of rainforests - "carbon sinks" would be devastating to the globe's environment, and would result in enormous decreases in air quality and increases in lung diseases and cancer. Global warming brings drastic climatic changes, more disastrous storms and floods and the melting of polar ice caps to raise sea levels to submerge many coastal cities - London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong...! The polar ice caps are actually melting now! Using plywood and burning plastics would doubly quicken the process of our self-destruction!

On the other hand, tens of million tons of plastic waste are plaguing our environments. The incineration of plastic waste not only damages the Ozone Layer further, aggravating the climate changes that are threatening our safety and living condition, but also produces the cancer-causing dioxin and polychlorobiphenyl concentrate. Burying such ashes would pollute the ground water and the effect would be even more disastrous than nuclear bombardment! The ever-tightening environmental regulations could make it increasingly difficult to dump broken toxic-glued plywood into any landfill site - another nightmarish environmental problem!

Polyboard is odourless and non-toxic and everlasting. Polyboard can be cut to any custom-size to suit your specific needs, thus enabling easy application for speedy delivery to increase your profits while eliminating the environmental hazard - waste! Just see how this wonderful product would work wonders for you!