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  1. Introducing: The Urban Space Picnic Table
  2. Our Newly Re-Designed Website
  3. Product Photo of the Month

The Urban Space Picnic Table

Ideal for high-traffic seating areas in parks, campuses, urban settings and more, the Urban Space Picnic table is designed to encourage face to face interaction. This modern, all aluminum design has several key benefits. Spacious seating and rounded corners throughout make it both comfortable and accessible providing seating for up to as many a 8 people.

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Our Newly Re-Designed Website is LIVE!

We understand how important it is for clients and specifiers to be confident in their selection of Wishbone products. We also know that having all the right information at your fingertips is paramount when facing decisions and deadlines. Check out our newly redesigned website! We’ve always provided a complete product catalogue, drawings, specs & pricing via our homepage – now its been given a major facelift.  New items include featured projects, a totally revamped product gallery, a chat feature, and prominent product-specific testimonials.

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Convenient Wishbone Downloads

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Image of the Month - August 2017

Wishbone Urban Space Picnic Table at The Kings University in Edmonton Alberta