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Wishbone makes it a mandate to provide solutions for the challenges faced by landscape architects and parks maintenance. We have been told by many municipalities that maintenance budgets are tight and it is tough to complete regularly scheduled maintenance with existing budgets, let alone address any unforeseen issues.

By the same token, maintenance crews tell us there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, so naturally some jobs don’t get the regular attention needed.

 Solution: The Urban Form Self Watering Planter!

Wishbone Urban Form Self Watering Planter Side View

Municipalities can save multiple hours of maintenance weekly. The planter only needs watering once or twice a month, even in the hot summer months!

Fill up the reservoir and water wicks up to the underside of the plants, keeping the soil moist, and freeing up maintenance staff to deal with other priorities.

The liners are easily removed for winter storage and the boards are a simple switch out should they need replacement due to damage.

The combination of a rigid aluminum structure with the benefit of recycled plastic boards creates a winning, eye catching combination that matches the Urban Form waste receptacles and benches.

Wishbone Urban Form Park Bench

The Urban Form Bench is certainly a bench which is an eye catcher! This modern designhas captured the attention of landscape architects who have resoundingly given the ‘thumbs up’ to both the unique backed model as well as the backless version.

This European style design will give a fresh look to any landscape or surrounding. The idea was to create a bench which allows the user the option to face in any direction while enjoying the surprising comfort this bench possesses.

Urban Form Waste Receptacle 01

The third member in this series is the Urban Form Waste Receptacle. This 30 US gallon waste receptacle is super easy for any maintenance person to access as the front opening and has a hidden latch for easy opening and easy access to the liner. Also the unit has been designed with an open bottom which allows for continuous air flow and makes it super easy for maintenance crews to clean.

As with other site furnishings, the Urban Form Series comes with your choice of powder coat colors for the metal and recycled plastic slat colors as shown below.

Contact Wishbone today for custom options and formal quote with shipping on these and other site furnishings. Or, you can register online and have access to our Canadian retail price list.