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For communities looking to cut costs and time watering their plants, this is definately a great alternative.

The Urban Form Self Watering Planters save up to 80% in water consumption through a unique bottom feeding method. These planters only need watering once or twice a month!

This saves time and maintence dollars while conserving water and reducing your carbon footprint. The overflow drain ensures the water level is always perfect, even in heavy also prevents overwatering.

Both the square and rectangular Urban Form Self Watering planter models are a tasteful addition to any sidewalk, the grounds or rooftop of any office building, hotel or resort.

Whether you are looking to encompass a patio, add pieces to connect outdoor surroundings with indoor space or to simply add a natural element to an otherwise mundane area, the Urban Form planters can be precisely the requirement.

The Urban Form Self Watering Planters offer distinct advantages over wood and concrete planters. The Urban Form planters will never rot, need painting or re-staining like wooden products. The Urban Form planters are not easily damaged like concrete planters and are much easier to transport, unlike concrete planters.

The proprietary self watering design has been proven to work extremely well year after year. We can provide references if required.

Let Wishbone become a part of your design solutions to your most memorable projects.