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The saying “it’s too good to be true” definitely applies when using the Cascade Perma Deck 100 % recycled plastic lumber on this deck.

The original decking material on this deck was 5/4 cedar. After about the 6 years and consistent “reminders” from his better half about re-sanding and staining the existing cedar deck the decision was made to pull of the cedar and use 100% recycled plastic lumber. According to the Cascades (the manufacturer) this material would require very little maintenance and free up time to do the other “hunny-do” items on his list !

Now, with the new plastic deck, and after 3 years of constant use and, yes, very little maintenance other than sweeping, it was time to see if the material would in-fact live up to its “too good to be true” statement.

And it did !!

The owner used a pressure washer as recommended by the manufacturer and it’s amazing how the material was brought back to its original colour and look.

Check out the before and after pictures.

Plastic decking after 3 years

Plastic decking after being pressure washed