qwicalogo1Wishbone is pleased to announce that we are now an integrator of qwica services, which allows us to link our site furnishings to online pages through QR codes.

Anyone using a smartphone can easily scan a qwica QR code on a plaque or tag, and in doing so, will quickly access wireless interactive content optimized for their mobile device. Specifically for Wishbone products, that means that you can take your memorial or commercial message to an exciting new level.

RoundqwicaTag2Check out these examples of tags and bronze plaques that can be placed on Wishbone benches and other products. They can be pre-installed on a new bench at the factory or you can retrofit them to an existing Wishbone site furnishing.

Scan these examples with your smartphone now to see how qwica can tell your story.
Either use the QR code reader built into your phone or simply download one of many free QR code reader apps available.

Whether it’s a Wishbone memorial bench, an information sign or an interactive tour, make your message interactive with qwica. Tell a bigger story using sound, pictures, text and even video—all optimized for smartphones. Click here to find out more and learn how Wishbone can help you with interactive site furnishings powered by qwica.


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