Park Benches and Chairs

At Wishbone, benches are so much more than “ just benches”.  They facilitate relaxation. They encourage experiencing the surroundings. They enhance the look and purpose of a location.  We believe benches should be thoroughly  enjoyed.  By blending sustainable and recycled materials with innovative designs, we create durable outdoor furnishings that are as functional as they are beautiful. Sit on a Wishbone bench and you’ll want to stay a little longer.

Annison Modular Bench

Model Number: AM-851


Aylesbury Park Bench

Model Number: ANA-6 (6ft) ANA-5 (5ft)

Bateman Park Bench

Model Number: BM-5

BayView Wall Bench

Model Number: 11”H | BVWB-11S Seat Support | BVWB-11E Seat End | 2 x 6 Re-plast Planks

Larson Bench

Model Number: 6ft LB-6, LBNA-6 (Without Armrests) 5ft LB-5, LBNA-5 (Without Armrests)

Modena Straight Park Bench

Model Number: M-6 (6 ft) M-5 (5 ft)

Mountain Classic Park Bench

Model Number: MCB-5 (5ft) MCB-6 (6ft)

Parker Bench

Model Number: 6ft PKB-6, PKBNA-6 (Without Armrests) 5ft PKB-5, PKBNA-5 (Without Armrests)

Parker Bench and Table Combo

Model Number: PKB-6 | PKT-30

Skyline Wall Bench

Model Number: 11”H | SLWB-11S Seat Support | SLWB-11E Seat End | 2 x 6 Re-plast Planks

Standard Bench

Model Number: 214 Green | 210 Grey

Standard Wall Mount Bench

Model Number: SWB-14A Seat Support | 2 x 4 Re-plast Planks

SurRe Park Bench

Model Number: SRB-9

TENAJ Park Bench

Model Number: TJB-5 (5 ft) TJB-6 (6 ft)

Turisno Park Bench - ALL METAL

Model Number: TOB-5 (Powder Coated Aluminum) TOSSB-5 (Stainless Steel)

Urban Form Full Back Park Bench

Model Number: UFFB-6 (6 ft) UFFB-5 (5 ft)

Urban Form Wall Mount Bench

Model Number: UFWM-17S Seat Support UFWM-17E Seat End 2 x 6 Re-plast Planks

Victorian Park Bench

Model Number: 5ft. 250 Grey, 255 Walnut, 254 Green, 258 Sand, 253 Redwood

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